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Engine Research Center

Engine Experiments

Recent experiments at ERC’s facilities and on-going collaborations allow engine combustion and emissions studies during motoring, skip-firing and firing conditions in spark ignited, compression ignition and homogeneous charge compression ignition conditions using gaseous and liquid, conventional and alternative fuels.

Charge preparation

Fuel Injection and Sprays

Combustion Optimization and Emissions

Exhaust Aftertreatment

Research projects develop a system approach for the understanding of charge preparation, fuel injection and sprays, combustion optimization and emissions and exhaust aftertreatment in close support to complementing modeling projects

Studies of air-fuel distributions, mixing and in-homogeneities, effects of spray targeting on pistons, wall impingement, heat transfer, combustion efficiency and exhaust emissions

Studies of intake valve actuation for combustion phasing, variable spray geometries for fuel and air mixing and spray fumigation

Characterization and techniques for achieving homogeneous charge compression ignition for reduced emissions

gas hcci

Transient control strategies for variable engine speed/loads and different combustion regimes

Mechanisms of pollutant formation and destruction and extension of combustion limits for application of aftertreatment systems

Characteristics of soot emissions and the regeneration of diesel particulate filters

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