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Give a Gift

The generosity of national and international public and private organizations and friends is responsible for much of the Engine Research Center’s progress.

Private funding will often provide the extra support needed to launch new programs or to strengthen established areas of study. Supplemental support provides seed money for the research efforts of younger faculty members and for those projects that may not be eligible for major federal funding.

In addition to aiding the ERC, gifts reward donors in many ways. There is the satisfaction of supporting an important cause, the excitement of seeing your gift lead to positive change, and—in many cases—tangible financial benefits to you and/or another beneficiary, through tax advantages and the retention of lifetime income from the donated asset.

Interested public and private organizations are encouraged to contact the ERC Director to explore gift opportunities.

The ERC has many friends and they have been very generous with donations and gifts to the ERC. These are used in a variety of ways, mostly to help students, including:

  • The Undergraduate Research Fellowship
  • General Recruiting of Graduate Students
  • Supporting Student Trips to SAE
  • Student Funding for Degree Completion
  • Support for Seminar Speakers
  • Research Paper Award

Gifts & Contributions are most welcome through gift funds. The UW Foundation is the official fund-raising and gift-receiving organization for the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The Myers/Uyehara Fund

This fund was established in 1982 to honor Professor Phillip Myers and Professor Otto Uyehara who had started the Engine Lab (T-25) at UW-Madison and who had made such enormous contributions to engine research, teaching and University service over their academic careers. Following their expressed preferences, the primary use of the income from the fund is to provide support for students with preference given to provide support to graduate students broadly interested in engines.

To make a contribution, please contact the UW Foundation and provide the gift designation: The Myers/Uyehara Fund

The Internal Combustion Engine Research Fund

This fund was established in 1981 to aid the Internal Combustion Engine Research group in its teaching, research, and public service roles.

To make a contribution, please contact the UW Foundation and provide the gift designation: The Internal Combustion Engine Research Fund