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International Multidimensional Engine Modeling Meeting

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International Multidimensional Engine Modeling User's Group Meeting

at the SAE Congress


April 11, 2011

The Detroit Downtown Courtyard by Marriott Hotel
333 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, MI, USA
Phone: 313-222-7700


12:40 1:00


Ting-Ting Zhu, Cray, Inc.

1:00 1:20

An Extended Multi-Zone Combustion Model for PCI Simulation

J. Kodavasal, S. Keum, D. N. Assanis, A. Babajimopoulos, Univ of Michigan

1:20 1:40

Improved Submodels for Parallel Computation of Advanced Engine Combustion Regimes

R. A. Whitesides, W. T. Piggott, D. L. Flowers, LLNL; R. P. Hessel, UW-Madison

1:40 2:00

One the Use of the Large Eddy Simulation Technique to Investigate Sporadic Phenomena in Spark Ignited Engines: Application to Cyclic Variability and Abnormal Combustion

S. Richard, O. Vermorel, C. Pera, C. Angelberger, T. Poinsot, IFP & CERFACS

2:00 2:40



2:40 3:00

A New Automatic and Dynamic Mesh Generation Technique Based On Immersed Boundary Method

L. Liang, A. Shelburn, C. Wang, D. Hodgson, E. Meeks, Reaction Design

3:00 3:20

A Comparison of Conventional Diesel and RCCI Combustion using Detailed CFD Modeling

S. L. Kokjohn and R. D. Reitz, UW-Madison

3:20 3:40

Multicomponent Vaporization Modeling of Petroleum-Biofuel Mixture at High-Pressure


L. Zhang and S.-C. Kong, Iowa State Univ

3:40 4:00

Integrated Simulation of Diesel Spray Combustion and Chamber Wall Heat Conduction

Y. Li and S.-C. Kong, Iowa State Univ

4:00 4:40



4:40 5:00

Development and Assessment of Proper Orthogonal Decomposition for Analysis of Turbulent Flow in Piston Engines

K. Liu and D.C. Haworth, Penn State Univ

5:00 5:20  

Strategies for Reducing the Computational Time of Diesel Engine CFD Simulations


B. Cantrell, R.D. Reitz, UW-Madison

5:20 5:40

A Combined Eulerian Lagrangian Spray Atomization (ELSA) with Diesel Combustion: Fully Coupled Eulerian/Lagrangian Spray with ECFM-CLEH Combustion Model

M. Zellat, CD-Adapco