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International Multidimensional Engine Modeling Meeting

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International Multidimensional Engine Modeling User's Group Meeting

at the SAE Congress

April 3, 2017

Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center
400 Renaissance Drive, Detroit, MI 48243, USA
Phone: 313-568-8000

11:40 12:00


Ting-Ting Zhu, Cray, Inc.

12:00 12:20

Soot and Spectral Radiation Modeling in ECN Spray A and in Engines

D.C. Haworth, S. Ferreyro-Fernandez, C. Paul, A. Sircar, A. Imren, Penn State Univ; S.P. Roy, Marquette University; M.F. Modest, W. Ge, University of California-Merced

12:20 12:40

Unified soot model for predicting soot particle numbers in CFD simulations of GDI and diesel engines

K.V. Puduppakkam, C.V. Naik, A.U. Modak, E. Meeks, ANSYS Inc.

12:40 1:00

Emissions predictions for Diesel engines based on chemistry tabulation

C. Meijer, F.A. Tap, AVL Dacolt BV (The Netherlands); M. Tvrdojevic, P. Priesching, AVL List GmbH (Austria)

1:00 1:20

Modeling Combustion and pollutants formation in DI-SI engines with a special emphasis on knock using the G-equation Method with flamelet and Detailed Chemistry

M. Zellat, D. Abouri, Y. Liang, Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.

1:20 2:00


2:00 2:20

Numerical Study of Droplet Evaporation on A Flat Plate Using Volume of Fluid (VOF) Method

L. Zhao, S.P. Potham, S.-Y. Lee, Michigan Technological University

2:20 2:40

Simulation of high pressure sprays based on phase equilibrium and jet theory

Z. Yue, R.D. Reitz, ERC, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2:40 3:00

Efficient tracking of knock onset for a wide range of fuel surrogates

C. Netzer, L. Seidel, Brandenburg University of Technology; H. Lehtiniemi, Lund University; F. Ravet, Renault S.A.S; F. Mauss, Brandenburg University of Technology

3:00 3:20

Capturing Cyclic Variability in SI Engines with High-Fidelity LES using a New Parallel Perturbation Approach

M. Ameen, S. Som, Argonne National Laboratory

3:20 4:00


4:00 4:20

3D-CFD simulation of dual fuel combustion in a diesel ignited gas engine

L. Eder, C. Kiesling, G. Pirker, LEC, GmbH; P. Priesching, AVL List GmbH; A. Wimmer, Graz University of Technology

4:20 4:40

Numerical modeling of multi-component fuel combustion using reactivity adjustment of a chemical reaction mechanism

A. Jamali, Y. Ra, Michigan Technological University

4:40 5:00  

Comparison of energy and exergy distributions among different combustion regimes under various loads and speeds

M. Jia, Y. Li, M. Xie, Dalian University of Technology; R.D. Reitz, ERC, University of Wisconsin-Madison