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Engine Spray and Combustion subroutines LIBrary


ESC-lib (Engine Spray and Combustion subroutines LIBrary) is a fortran subroutines library. These subroutines have been developed in the Engine Research Center (ERC) of the University of Wisconsin-Madison as the realization of the ERC Spray and Combustion models.

The ERC has worked on engine spray and combustion models development for years and the models are now quite well developed. For example in 1996, the ERC's SAE paper (SAE 960633 *1) was awarded the SAE Horning award. In this paper, the ERC spray and combustion model were implemented in KIVA and were used to explain the mechanism whereby multiple injections reduce particulate and NOx emissions in direct injection diesel engine. The reduced soot formation has been shown to be due to the fact that the soot- producing fuel-rich regions at the spray tip are not replenished with fresh fuel when the injection is terminated and then restarted. With multiple injections the subsequently injected fuel burns rapidly and does not contribute significantly to soot formation. This is only one of the example of many of the ERC KIVA models. Refer to the students projects for other applications.

*1) The ERC's SAE Paper No 960633 titled: "Mechanism of Soot and NOx Emission Reduction Using Multiple-Injection in a Diesel Engine" by Zhiyu Han, Ali Uludogan, G.J. Hampson and Rolf D. Reitz.

  1. Archive: Sample results of KIVA-3V, and Comparisons with KIVA-II Results and Experiments Author: P.K. Senecal and R.D. Reitz