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Mission Statement

The mission of the ERC has three primary objectives:

  • To provide outstanding graduates, trained in combustion engine research and fundamentals, to meet the important needs of the worldwide transportation industry, government and academia
  • To provide cutting-edge research needed to meet the national goals of reduced emissions and reduced fuel consumption
  • To provide a technically diverse faculty who can serve as a resource for information on combustion engine science and technology and a preeminent resource for information on engine combustion science and technology


Accomplishing the ERC mission is achieved through an integrated structure that consists of the following primary components:

  • A strong coordinated research program with modeling and experiments:
    • Projects that cover the full range from fundamental research to currently relevant applications
    • Fundamental studies in combustion, sprays, turbulence, mixing, and emissions
    • Development and application of modeling, advanced diagnostic tools and instrumentation
    • Applied studies in engine optimization, new combustion concepts such as HCCI, RCCI, LTE, lean and stratified charge

  • A broad educational curriculum:
    • Graduate MS and PhD programs
    • Online delivery degree programs
    • Professional development courses
    • Student car and truck projects

  • A wide array of outreach activities, including:
    • Diesel Engine Research Consortium
    • Biennial Symposia
    • Journal publications and editorship of the Int. Journal of Engine Research
    • Service on advisory and government panels (PNGV, CAFE, AAAV, BAST, FreedomCAR, etc.)
    • Working group interactions (DOE CRADAs)
    • Technical society activities (SAE, ILASS, ASME ICE)
    • Consulting