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Multi-Dimensional Modeling Meeting 2001

Eleventh International Multidimensional EngineModeling User's Group Meeting

Detroit Downtown Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, 333 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, MI, USA, March 4, 2001

Introduction: Ting-Ting Zhu, Jef Dawson, Cray Research


Flamelet Modeling of DI Diesel Engine Combustion
Hasse and N. Peters, RWTH Aachen

Detailed Chemistry Spray Combustion Model for KIVA code
Golovitchev, Nordin, Tao, Chalmers University

Combination of Detailed Kinetics and CFD in Automotive Applications
J. Deur and S. Jonnavithula, Adapco; E. Meeks, Reaction Design

FIRE - A Generic CFD Platform for DI Diesel Mixture Formation and Combustion Simulation
R. Tatschl, Ch. v. Kuensberg Sarre, H.-P. Gabriel and P. Priesching, AVL LIST GmbH

Knock Prediction Using Multidimensional Modeling
I. Yavuz and I.B. Celik, West Virginia University

Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Main Intermediate Species in the Diesel Autoignition Process
F.E. Corcione, M.Costa, B.M. Vaglieco and A. De Maio, CNR, Italy

The Effect of Intake Flow Modeling on Flame Front Shape and Its Displacement in Cylindrical Combustion Chamber
Z. Jovanovic and S. Petrovic, University of Belgrade

A Microexplosion Model for Multicomponent Droplets and Sprays
Y. Zeng and C.F. Lee, University of Illinois

Numerical Issues in Droplet Collision Modeling
David Schmidt, Umass-Amherst; C.J. Rutland, UW-Madison

Studies of Superheated Fuel Spray Structures and Vaporization in GDI engines
B. Zuo, A. Gomes and C.J. Rutland, UW-Madison

Coarse Mesh CFD: Trend Analysis in a Fraction of the Time
M. He, C.J. Rutland, R. Hessel, Z. Nagel and R. Reitz, UW-Madison

Computational and Experimental Study of In-Cylinder Flow in a Direct Injection Gasoline Engine
Sudhakar Das and David Chmiel, Delphi Automotive System

Additional Papers

A Study of Swirl Generation in DI Engines Using KIVA-3V
Bassem Ramadan, Kettering University

A Non-Equilibrium Turbulence Dissipation Correction and Its Influence on Pollution Predictions for DI Diesel Engines
Franz Tanner, Michigan Technology University

A PDF time-scale model for Diesel Combustion using Large Eddy Simulation
Shrikanth Rao, Eric Pomraning and C. J. Rutland, UW-Madison

Direct Calculations of Cavitating Flows by the Space-Time CE/SE Method
Jian-Rong Qin, S.T. John Yu, Zeng-Chan Zhang, Ming-Chia Lai, Wayne State University