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Multi-Dimensional Modeling Meeting 2002

Twelfth International Multidimensional EngineModeling User's Group Meeting

Detroit Downtown Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, 333 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, MI, USA, March 3, 2002

Introduction: Ting-Ting Zhu, Cray, Inc.


Multicomponent Fuel Modeling with KIVA-3V
D. Torres, P. O'Rourke, LLNL

Modeling of the Impingement of an Air-Assisted Spray
D.-L. Chang, C.F. Lee, UIUC

Eulerian Spray Modeling of Diesel Injection in a High-Pressure/High Temperature Chamber
Christian Hasse, N. Peters, RWTH, Aachen

Integrated Modeling of Injector Flow, Primary Breakup and Spray Formation
R. Tatschl, E. v. Berg and Ch. v. Künsberg Sarre, AVL

Computational Analysis of Flow and Mixture Formation in DISI Engines
Ph. Adomeit, B. Vogt, O.Lang, FEV

Numerical Simulation of Spray Autoignition by the First-Order Conditional Moment Closure Model
W. T. Kim, University of Waterloo; K. Y. Huh, Pohang Univ. Sci.Tech.

In-Chamber Analysis of Pollutants Formation in Diesel Combustion by Spectral Measurements and Numerical Simulations
F. E. Corcione, M. Costa, S. S. Merola, B. M. Vaglieco CNR, Italy

A Simplified Model for Description of Triple Flames in Stratified Charge Gasoline Engines
G. Stiesch and G.P. Merker, Univ of Hanover

Using a Flamelet Time-Scale Combustion Model for LES and RANS Simulations in KIVA
S. Rao, C.J. Rutland, UW-Madison

Numerical Simulation of LDI Combustor with Discrete-Jet Swirlers Using Re-Stress Model in the KIVA Code
S.L. Yang, C. Y. Teo, Y. K. Siow, Michigan Tech Univ.; R.R. Tacina, P.F. Penko, NASA-Glenn

Simulation of Engine Exhaust Aftertreatment with CFD using Detailed Chemistry
John Deur, Adapco; E. Meeks and C. P. Chou, Reaction Design

In-Cylinder Engine Modeling Developments at Fluent
Paul Colucci, Fluent, Inc.

Additional Papers

Optimization of a Hydrocarbon Fuel Ignition Model using Genetic Algorithms
V. Hamosfakidis, R.D. Reitz, UW-Madison

Diesel Engine Injection Rate-Shape Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms and Multidimensional Modeling for a Range of Operating Modes
Randy Hessel, Rolf Reitz, UW-Madison

Optimization of Operating Parameters for a 2-stroke DI Engine with KIVA 3V and a Genetic Algorithm Search Technique
Mark N. Subramaniam and Rolf D. Reitz, UW-Madison

Multidimensional Modeling of the Combustion Process in a Diesel Engine Equipped with a Fully Flexible Common Rail
F. E. Corcione, M. Costa, CNR Istituto Motori - Naples; G. M. Bianchi, G. Cazzoli, P. Pelloni, DIEM - University of Bologna

Multidimensional Modeling of the Combustion Process in a Diesel Engine Equipped with a Fully Flexible Common Rail Injection System
F. E. Corcione, M. Costa, CNR; G. M. Bianchi, G. Cazzoli, P. Pelloni, Univ. of Bologna

Emission Predictions in Diesel Engines Using a Non-Equilibrium Turbulence Dissipation Correction for the k-epsilon Model
Franz X. Tanner, Michigan Tech. G.-S. Zhu, DDC; Rolf D. Reitz, UW-Madison

Non-Equilibrium and Radiation Effects on Combustion Processes and Pollutant Formation in DI Diesel Engines
S.-K. Kim, H. Kim, S. Kang and Y. Kim, Hanyang University, Korea

A Study of EGR Stratification in an Engine Cylinder
Bassem Ramadan, Kettering University

3-D CFD Analysis of the Mixture Formation Process in an LPG DI SI Engine for Heavy Duty Vehicles
Gisoo Hyun and Mitsuharu, Oguma, NEDO; Shinichi Goto, NAIST, Japan