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Multi-Dimensional Modeling Meeting 2004

14th Annual International Multidimensional EngineModeling User's Group Meeting

Detroit Downtown Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, 333 Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, MI, USA, March 7, 2004

Introduction: Ting-Ting Zhu, Cray, Inc.


D. Torres, P. O'Rourke, Los Alamos National Lab

A New Parallel Numerically Improved KIVA3V Program for Diesel Combustion Computations
P. Belardini, C. Bertoli, P. DeMarino, G. Avolio, Istituto Motori, CNR

IC Engine Flow Simulation Using KIVA Code and a Modified Reynolds Stress Turbulence Model
S. Nanda, S.L. Yang, Michigan Tech

Modeling of Film Vaporization and Film Boiling Inside an Engine Cylinder
C. F. Lee, R. K. Kapadia, and S.T. Chin, UIUC

Gasoline Direct Injection Modeling and Validation with Engine Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence Experiments
B. P. Vanzieleghem, C. A. Chryssakis, R. O. Grover, D. N. Assanis, H. G. Im, V. Sick, Univ. of Michigan

Conditional Moment Closure Modeling of Turbulent Spray Combustion in a Direct Injection Diesel Engine
Insuk Han and Kang Y. Huh, Pohang Univ of Sci & Tech

In-Cylinder Combustion Modeling with Simplified Chemistry
A. Roubaud, V. Mahulkar, P. Leyland and D. Favrat, Swiss Federal Inst of Tech of Lausanne

A PDF Method for Multidimensional Modeling of HCCI Engine Combustion: Effects of Turbulence/Chemistry Interactions on Ignition Timing and Emissions
Y.Z. Zhang, E.H. Kung, D.C. Haworth, Penn State Univ.

CFD Tools at IFP for HCCI Engine Simulations
M. Zolver, A. Benkenida, J. Bohbot, D. Klahr, B. Reveille, IFP

In-Cylinder Combustion Modeling and Validation Using Fluent
F. Bedford, X. Hu, U. Schmidt, Fluent

Advanced Modeling of GDI and DI-DIESEL Engines: Investigations on Combustion and Wall Heat Transfer and Comparison with Experiments
M. Zellat, S. Duranti, Y. Lian, C. Kralj, CD-adpaco ; S. Adam, AUDI AG

Integrated 1D and 3D Modeling of Exhaust-Gas Aftertreatment Devices
R. Wanker, J.C. Wurzenberger, B. Peters, R. Tatschl, AVL

Additional Papers

Coupled 1-D/3-D Analysis of Fuel Injection and Diesel Engine Combustion
Kolade, T. Morel, Gamma Tech ; S.C. Kong, UW

Development of a Flame Propagation Model for Dual-Fuel Partially Premixed Compression Ignition Engines
S. Singh, L. Liang, S.-C. Kong, R. D. Reitz, UW

Modeling Spray Turbulence with the Modified RNG k-epsilon Model
P. Taskinen, Tampere University of Technology, Finland