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Post Processor

In addition to the standard KIVA-3V post-processor, thecomputational results can be viewed by several graphic software as described below.


During the run time, set variable gmv in itape5equal to 1.0, then the GMV plots will be produced. GMV is a free software whichcan be download from the GMVsite of Los Alamos National Labs.


The KIVA-3V results can also be viewed by the EnsightSoftware after the conversion. ERC has provided a converterwhich can convert the KIVA-3V output file (otape9) to the Ensight format. Therefore, the userscan use Ensight to process the in-cylinder computational results. To purchase Ensight, please contact CEI at www.ensight.com.


The KIVA-3V results can also be processed by FieldViewprovided by Intelligent Light at www.ilight.com.