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Here are some animations created by the ERC during research. If they do not stream properly in your browser, download them instead.

SAE 962056

Modeling the Effect of Engine Speed on the Combustion Process and Emissions in a DI Diesel Engine (SAE 962056)

by: Ali Uludogan

SAE 960633

Click on the picture to download the Movie Mechanism of Soot and NOx Emission Reduction Using Multiple-Injection in a Diesel Engine (SAE 960633)

by: ZhiyuHan, Ali Uludogan, G.J. Hampson and Rolf D. Reitz.

SAE 962058

Exploring the Use of Multiple Injectorsand Split Injection to Reduce DI Diesel Engine Emissions (SAE 962058)

by: Ali Uludogan, J. Xinand Rolf D. Reitz.

Spray Visualization

by: Jeff Su.

Mixing Controlled Combustion

by: Marcus O'Brien, LylePickett and Professor Ghandhi.