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Admission to the Engine Research Center first requires admission to the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program. Information about the program and how to apply can be found here.

A typical course load for a graduate student is three courses per semester. A Masters degree with thesis requires at least 18 course credits and a Doctoral degree requires at least 42 course credits beyond the Bachelors degree. Students can choose, with their advisor's consultation, courses which meet their career and research objectives. Specific department requirements can be found at the Department Links to the right.

The following is a partial list of graduate courses relevant for degrees pursued at the ERC. Course descriptions for Mechanical Engineering courses can be found on the ME Department Course Descriptions page.

  • ME 469 Internal Combustion Engines
  • ME 470 Optical Applications in Mechanical Engineering
  • ME 471 Gas Turbines and Jet Propulsion
  • ME 563 Intermediate Fluid Dynamics
  • ME 569 Applied Combustion
  • ME 572 Intermediate Gas Dynamics
  • ME 573 Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • ME 769 Combustion Processes
  • ME 770 Advanced Experimental Instrumentation
  • ME 773 Boundary Layer Theory
  • ME 774 Chemical Kinetics of Combustion Systems
  • ME 775 Turbulent Heat and Momentum Transfer