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The Engine Research Center, is devoted to fundamental research on spark ignition and diesel engines and has been a leader in Low Temperature Combustion research. The ERC's projects focus on the fluid mechanics, heat transfer, combustion, sprays, pollutant emissions and overall energy conversion efficiency of internal combustion engines. Particular emphasis has been placed on the application of optical diagnostic methods to engines, and the computational fluid modeling of engine processes. The center's facilities include an array of lasers, instrumentation, emissions measurement systems, single-cylinder engine test stands and computer clusters. MS and PhD students who have graduated from this program hold leadership positions in industry and at major universities.

Primary Objectives

  • Develop and apply optical diagnostic and imaging methods to reciprocating engines
  • Upgrade computational fluid models for spray breakup, spray-wall impingement, engine heat transfer, combustion, turbulence, intake flows and emissions.
  • Engage in engine combustion development for reciprocating engines from small, spark-ignited utility engines through large-bore compression-ignition engines.
  • Engage with engine manufacturers, national laboratories, and other academic institutions to maintain a world-class research enterprise.