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Cory Adams

Advisor: Ghandhi

Ph.D. expected Summer 2016



Injection pressure effects on gasoline compression ignition combustion

Long Term Goals


  • MSME from The University of Wisconsin-2013
  • BSME from The Pennsylvania State University-2009


  • Argonne National Lab-internship summer 2009
  • CNH-internship summer 2007 and 2008


  • A. Zelenyuk, P. Reitz, M. Stewart, D. Imre, P. Loeper, C. Adams, M. Andrie, D. Rothamer, D. Foster, K. Narayanaswamy, P. Najt, A. Solomon, "Detailed characterization of particulates emitted by pre-commercial single-cylinder gasoline compression ignition engine", Combustion and Flame vol. 161, 2151-2164
  • Cory A. Adams, Paul Loeper, Roger Krieger, Michael J. Andrie, David E. Foster, "Effects of biodiesel-gasoline blends on gasoline direct-injection compression ignition (GCI) combustion", Fuel vol. 111, 784-790
  • Paul Loeper, Youngchul Ra, Cory Adams, David Foster, Jaal Ghandhi, Michael Andrie, Roger Krieger, Russ Durrett, Experimental Investigation of Light-Medium Load Operating Sensitivity in a Gasoline Compression Ignition (GCI) Light-Duty Diesel Engine, SAE 2013-01-0896
  • H. Seong, K. Lee, S. Choi, C. Adams, D. Foster "Characterization of Particulate Morphology, Nanostructures, and Sizes in Low-Temperature Combustion with Bio-Fuels,", SAE 2012-01-0441


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