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Randy Hessel
Senior Scientist
Personal Web Page

Randy Hessel is an Senior Scientist at the ERC. His research efforts currently include combustion chamber optimization for improving fuel economy and reducing emissions, ignition and EGR model development and implementation, cycle simulation and general diesel combustion/CFD model application. Hessel also acts as a liaison between industry and the ERC and mentors ERC graduate students in their research. Other areas of activity include developing and instructing workshops related to the use of both in-house and third party computation tools used at the ERC. Dr. Hessel recieved his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Mechanical Engineering in 1993, then worked at Cummins Engine Company before joining the ERC in 1998.

Michael Andrie

Michael Andrie is a Researcher at the ERC and Program Director for Professional Development. He coordinates and mentors ERC graduate students in their lab research experiments on internal combustion engines. He also serves as the Program Manager for "Direct-injection Engine Research Consortium" (DERC) which includes 35 members and directs EPD short course professional development for engines.

He received his BS and MS degrees from the University of Minnesota in 1980 and prior to joining the ERC, he worked for Cummins and John Deere on diesel engine development. He has 30+ years of industry performance and mechanical development experience on advanced compression ignition engines for commercial automotive and off-road applications.

Joshua Leach
Sr. Systems Programmer
WiscChat: jmleach@wisc.edu

Joshua Leach handles the ERC computing systems.