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2005 Symposium

Low Emission Combustion Technologies for Future IC Engines

June 8-9, 2005, Madison, WI

(Selected presentations are available through the title links below)


Wednesday June 8

Keynote Address

Tomorrow's Propulsion System Portfolio - The Challenges and Opportunities for the Internal Combustion Engine - Gary Smyth, General Motors Research and Development Center

Session I

Beyond 2010 - What Next?
Kevin Bruch, Caterpillar

Low Emissions Combustion - One Path Forward
Thomas Ryan, Southwest Research Institute

Investigating the combustion and aftertreatment systems with CFD tools
Yong Yi, Fluent Inc.

Session II

Analysis Led Design for Engine System Development to meet US2010 Emission Standards
Don Stanton, Cummins Inc.

Gasoline Engine Performance and Emissions - Future Technologies and Optimization
Paul Whitaker, Ricardo

Meeting the Boosting Challenges of Future Diesel Engines
Steve Arnold, Garrett / Honeywell

Session III

International's Approach to Clean Diesel Engines
Rodica Baranescu, Navistar / International

Combustion, Aftertreatment and Control - Key Elements for Emission Reduction of US HSDI Diesel Engines
Ulrich Pfahl, AVL

Ignition Improvements to Support High-efficiency and Turbulent Natural Gas Combustion
Corey Honl, Waukesha Engine

Thursday June 9

Keynote Address

Improving the Spark-Ignition Engine
John B. Heywood, Sun Jae Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Director, Sloan Automotive Laboratory, MIT

Session IV

Integrated Engine and Aftertreatment System Technology for 2010 Heavy-duty Emissions Regulations
Rakesh Aneja, Detroit Diesel Corporation

A Systems Approach to Meet Tier 2 Bin 5
Dean Tomazic, FEV Engine Technology Inc.

Session V

Low Emission IC Engines Development at Ford Motor Company
George Davis, Ford Motor Company

Overview of DOEs Combustion Engine R&D Program
Gurpreet Singh, US Department of Energy

A Second Law Perspective on the Critical Aspects of IC Research for Low Emissions Gasoline Engines
Walt Weissman, ExxonMobil