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2007 Symposium

Future Fuels for IC Engines

June 6-7, 2007, Madison, WI

(Selected presentations are available through the title links below)

Wednesday June 6

Introductory Comments | Agenda

Keynote Address

The Outlook for Energy: A View to 2030
John L. Robbins, Manager, Special Projects, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering

Emission Requirements, chaired by Chris Rutland

Alternative Fuels for DI-Diesel Engines Meeting Future Emission Standards
Erik Koehler, Performance & Emissions, FEV Engine Technology, Inc. North American Technical Center

Diesel Emission Control Review
Tim Johnson, Corning

Strategies for Optimization of Engines, Fuels, and Aftertreatment
Bruce Bunting, Oak Ridge National Labs

Biodiesel Engine Performance
Paul Morschauser, Diesel Program Director, Madison Area Technical College

Combustion Fundamentals, chaired by Scott Sanders

Using Unconventional Fuels and In-Cylinder Strategies to Achieve High-Efficiency, Clean Combustion
Chuck Mueller, Principal Member Technical Staff, Engine Combustion Department, Sandia National Laboratories

Fuels as Enablers for Alternative Modes of Combustion
Dave Foster, Phil and Jean Myers Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin

Strategies for incorporating detailed kinetics into engine simulation
Ellen Meeks, Reaction Design

Efficient Engine CFD with Detailed Chemistry
Harry Lehtiniemi, ADAPCO

Engine Perspectives, chaired by Rolf Reitz

Benefits of Direct Injection in Hydrogen Engines
Brad A. Boyer, Technical Specialist, Research and Advanced Powertrain, Ford Motor Company

Advanced Hydrogen-Fueled Engines: Potential and Challenges
Chris White, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of New Hampshire and University Summer Faculty at Sandia National Laboratories

Future Fuels and Energy Systems
Kevin Bruch, Caterpillar

The Broad Energy Perspective, Harold Ray, Vice President (retired), Southern California Edison; Chaired by Jaal Ghandhi

Thursday June 7

Fuels and Propulsion Systems for the Future
Keynote Address: Norm Brinkman, GM; Introduced by Roger Krieger

Worldwide Perspectives, Session chaired by Dave Foster

Potential of the Mild HCCI Combustion for Worldwide Applications
Patrick Gastaldi, Renault

Is Gasoline the Best Fuel for Advanced Diesel Engines? Fuel Effects in 'Premixed-Enough' CI Engines
Gautam Kalghatgi, Shell Oil

Transportation Fuels--Future Options and Opportunities
Harrison Sigworth, Senior Consultant/Research Fellow, Chevron Energy Technology Company

Future Fuels? or More of the Same? - A High Altitude Perspective
Ron Graves, Oak Ridge National Labs

ERC Faculty Presentations of Current Work

ERC Student Presentations, Poster Session, and Lab Tours

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