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2011 Symposium

Future Engines and Their Fuels

June 8-9, 2011 University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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(Selected presentations are available through the title links below)

First Day Morning Program (June 8th):

Welcoming Address
Gerald L Kulcinski, Associate Dean for Research, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Session I - NEAR TERM ENGINE TECHNOLGY, Session Chair Professor Dave Foster

Keynote Engine Technologies for the Future
John Wall, Chief Technical Officer, Cummins Inc.

Low Fuel Consumption Technologies of Diesel Engines for Passenger Vehicles
Terutoshi Tomoda, Project General Manager Advanced Power Train Engineering, Toyota Motor Corporation

High Dilution Engines: The Efficiency Benefits and Implementation Challenges of High EGR Applications
Terry Alger, Manager - Advanced Combustion and Emissions, Southwest Research Institute

Session Chair Assistant Professor Mario Trujillo

Near Term Spark Ignition Engine Technologies for Improved Fuel Economy
Hugh Blaxill, General Manager and Head of Engineering Services NAFTA, MAHLE Powertrain, LLC

Gasoline Direct-Injection Compression-Ignition (GDCI) for High Efficiency Low NOx and Low Particulate Emissions
Mark Sellnau, Engineering Manager, Adv Powertrain Technology, Delphi Automotive Systems, LLC

Engine Design, Sizing and Operation in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Mike Duoba, Research Engineer, Argonne National Laboratory

First Day Afternoon Program (June 8th):

Session II - MID TERM ENGINE AND FUEL TECHNOLGY Session Chair Professor Jaal Ghandhi

Keynote Ford's Perspective on Future Engines and their Fuels
Tom McCarthy, Chief Engineer, Ford Powertrain R&A, Ford Motor Company

Mid-Term' Fuels...Delivering Value
Michael A. Flinn, Division Manager, Advanced Powertrain Component Development, Caterpillar Inc.

Why Fuel-Property Considerations Are Important in the Quest for Improved Combustion Strategies: A Few Lessons Learned from Optical-Engine Experiments
Chuck J. Mueller, Principal Member of the Technical Staff, Engine Combustion Department, Sandia National Laboratories

Session Chair Associate Professor Scott Sanders

Enabling High Efficiency Combustion through an Improved Understanding of Cyclic Dispersion
Robert Wagner, Acting Director, Fuels Engines and Emissions Research Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Fuel Effects in Advanced Combustion
Bill Cannella, Manager, Fuels and Combustion R&D Program, Chevron

Hydrocarbon Drop-in Biofuels from Biomass
John Holladay, Energy and Environment Directorate, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Passive Ammonia SCR - A Novel Universal NOx Aftertreatment System
Kushal Narayanaswamy, Senior Researcher, General Motors Global Research and Development

Second Day Morning Program (June 9th):

Session III LONGER TERM ENGINE AND FUEL TECHNOLGY Session Chair Professor Chris Rutland

Keynote Long Term Trends in Worldwide Transportation
Gary Smyth, Executive Director, North American Science Labs, GM Global Research & Development

Future Engines - Planes, Trains, and Stationary Power
Dave Walker, Computational Combustion Lab Manager, GE Global Research

Future Fuels and Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition (RCCI)
Rolf Reitz, Wisconsin Distinguished Professor, Engine Research Center, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Session Chair Assistant Professor David Rothamer

Engine Efficiency and Power Density: Distinguishing between Limits and Limitations
Chris Edwards, Associate Professor, Stanford University

Evaluating the Biofuel Options
Steve Slater, Scientific Programs Manager, Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center

Fundamental Considerations of Fuel Cells for Mobility Applications
David Foster, Phil and Jean Myers Professor, Engine Research Center, University of Wisconsin - Madison

DISCUSSION Concluding Remarks
Rolf Reitz, Wisconsin Distinguished Professor, Engine Research Center, University of Wisconsin - Madison