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Absorption: 2-D Tomography

2-D Tomographic Temperature Imaging on a Lab Bench

We have assembled a benchtop experiment to demonstrate 2-D H2O absorption tomography. 30 fiber-coupled laser beams form a 15 x 15 grid with a 1" beam spacing. When red light is coupled into the fibers, the grid can be visualized as shown using fog. The setup is also shown when configured for measurements of gas temperature distribution in a flame, both with the flame on and the flame off. When a hyperspectral source operating near 1350 nm is coupled into all 30 beams simultaneously, the acquired data can be reduced to temperature images, updated at typically 50 kHz frame rate continuously, where each image is composed of 15 x 15 = 225 quantitative temperature pixels.

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Multi-Beam Engine Access

To instrument engines with many (e.g. 30) laser beams, we have designed a method to fiber-couple engine spacer rings with low physical footprint as pictured. The pictured ring contains only one fiber-coupled beam, but a 30-beam version is under construction.

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