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Experimental Projects

From Students*, Researchers, and Professors

* Current students and recent graduates

Diagnostics and Controls (Improved Tools, Models)

  • In-cylinder gaseous species , soot, and temperature measurements.
  • Validated combustion and engine system computer models.

Triptane Single-Cylinder Redesign for Optical Investigation of Soot Formation During Extended Lift-off Combustion (PDF)
Nicholas Neal, David Rothamer

Combustion Visualization In a Single-Cylinder HSDI Engine (PDF)
Matt Blessinger, Joshua Stein, Jaal Ghandhi

In-Cylinder Fourier-Transform Spectroscopy In Reciprocating Engines (PDF)
Keith Rein, Scott Sanders

Gas Thermometry And Tomography By H2O Absorption Spectroscopy (PDF)
Xinliang An, Scott Sanders

Fiber-Optic Thermometer for Widespread Commercial Use in Internal Combustion Engines (PDF)
Ben Conrad, Scott Sanders

Fuel Injection and Sprays (Fuels and Sprays)

  • High resolution spray analysis to validate fuel spray models.
  • Fuel spray models.

Measurements of JP-8 Combustion Properties at High Load Compression Ignition Engine Conditions (PDF)
Lucas Murphy, David Rothamer

Ignition Delay Measurements of JP-8 (PDF)
Adam McNeilly, Jaal Ghandhi

Fuel effects in a low temperature combustion regime for a light-duty diesel engine (PDF)
Huy Tran, Cory Adams, David Foster

Investigation of Knock Inhibiting Effects of Hydrated Ethanol and 2,5 Dimethylfuran Blended with Gasoline in a DISI Engine
Jamie Jennings , David Rothamer

Primary Breakup Process and Macro-scale Characteristics of Group-hole Nozzles for Direct-injection Diesel Engines
Jian Gao , Mario Trujillo

Combustion Optimization and Emissions

  • Studies of air-fuel distributions, mixing and in-homogeneities, effects of spray targeting on pistons, wall impingement, heat transfer, combustion efficiency and exhaust emissions.
  • Studies of intake valve actuation for combustion phasing, variable spray geometries for fuel and air mixing and spray fumigation.
  • Characterization and techniques for achieving homogeneous charge compression ignition for reduced emissions.
  • Transient control strategies for variable engine speed/loads and different combustion regimes.

Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition Combustion in a Heavy Duty Engine (PDF)
Reed Hanson , Rolf Reitz

Experiments of RCCI Ignition Processes and Fuel Effects (PDF)
Derek Splitter , Rolf Reitz

Investigation of post-flame oxidation of unburned hydrocarbons in small engines (PDF)
Javier Vera, Jaal Ghandhi

Investigation of Transient Operation of Low Temperature Diesel Combustion (PDF)
Will Glewen, Chris Meyer, David Foster

Experiments in low temperature combustion (PDF)
Paul Loeper, David Foster

Experimental Investigation of Dual-Fuel Effects In a Light Duty Engine (PDF)
John Kaddatz, Rolf Reitz

Dual Fueling in a Single Cylinder HSDI Diesel Generator Engine (PDF)
Kyle Pohlkamp, Rolf Reitz

Exhaust Aftertreatment

  • Mechanisms of pollutant formation and destruction and extension of combustion limits for application of aftertreatment systems.
  • Characteristics of soot emissions and the regeneration of diesel particulate filters.

Detailed in-situ permeability analysis of micro scale diesel particulate filters (PDF)
Nicholas Rakovec, Sandeep Viswanathan, David Foster

Fuel Neutral Particulate Measurements (PDF)
Carrie Farron, Nick Matthias, David Foster

Turbulence and Charge Preparation

  • Mechanisms of charge formation and mixing destruction during the intake and combustion processes.
  • Characteristics of engine combustion common across different engine sizes.

Diesel Engine Combustion Scaling at Medium Load Without EGR (PDF)
Mike Tess, Rolf Reitz

In-cylinder Investigation of Engine Scaling Processes (PDF)
Doug Heim, Jaal Ghandhi