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The KIVA code was developed at the Los Alamos National Labs. The family of the code includes KIVA (1985), KIVA-II (1989), KIVA3 (1993), KIVA-3V (1997), and KIVA-3V Release 2 (1999). The code can be purchased through the software center of US Department of Energy. The manuals are available through the Los Alamos National Labs.

The KIVA code is the major computer code used at ERC. Over the years, the researchers at ERC have developed many new physical and chemistry sub-models based on KIVA for engine simulations. These sub-models include the RNG k-e and LES turbulence model, the fuel injection model, the fuel spray atomization model, the multi-component fuel vaporization model, the spray/wall interaction model, the spark-ignition model, the auto-ignition model, the combustion model, detailed chemistry combustion model, and the soot and NOx emission model, etc. To learn more about the models see publications from the ERC faculty and students. Additional information can be found in the following links.