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Multi-Dimensional Modeling

Multidimensional Modeling of Engine Processes

Multi-dimensional codes are being used at ERC for the development of engine technology necessary to meet new and more stringent emissions and performance standards. An example of such codes is the KIVA family of codes developed at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, which is specifically designed for performing internal combustion engine calculations. Modeling of internal combustion engines, in particular direct-injection diesel and gasoline engines, present many challenges: for example, moving boundaries, two-phase chemically reacting turbulent flows. Thus, even though the current predictive capability is good, the development of improved models is necessary to increase reliability of these codes. In addition to the KIVA code, ERC is also involved in the applications of commercial engine simulation packages including STAR-CD. The ERC physical and chemistry sub-models are being implemented into the above packages to improve the capability of predicting the complex engine process.

Multi-Dimensional Engine Modeling Meeting

The Engine Research Center also organizes the annual International Multidimensional Engine Modeling Users Group Meeting at the SAE Congress (previously known as the KIVA User's Group Meeting), sponsored by Cray Research, Inc. The purpose of the meeting is to encourage the exchange of information about engine modeling and to help promote the use of engine modeling by the automotive industry. The papers include studies using KIVA, FIRE, Fluent and STAR-CD for engine-related simulations. The time and place is chosen because it is expected that many engine modeling code users will be attending the Society of Automotive Engineers Congress and Exhibition to be held in Detroit every year. Please visit the registration website or send email request about registration. The agenda and papers are available as follows.

  • Meeting of March 5, 2000
  • Meeting of March 4, 2001
  • Meeting of March 3, 2002
  • Meeting of March 2, 2003
  • Meeting of March 7, 2004
  • Meeting of April 10, 2005
  • Meeting of April 2, 2006
  • Meeting of April 15, 2007
  • Meeting of April 13, 2008
  • Meeting of April 19, 2009
  • Workshop on Multi-Dimensional Engine Modeling

    The Engine Research Center hosts annual workshop on multi-dimensional engine modeling in the summer since 2000. The three-day short course presents a concise summary of the current state of the art in multi-dimensional in-cylinder modeling of internal combustion engines. It presents current capabilities and limitations, best practices, and future trends. The course covers the fundamental physical and chemistry processes within the engines, general principles and methodology of multi-dimensional modeling, specific applications and examples of publicly and commercially available engine simulation software. In this course, hands-on training is also provided for the attendants to exercise the ERC version of KIVA-3V code with individualized guidance. The hands-on course allows the users to create the engine grid, run the improved KIVA-3V code for spray and combustion simulations, and perform post-processing using Ensight or Fieldview. The participants can also receive an executable file for the ERC spray and combustion model library.

    To find out more about registration and scheduling of this course, contact the ERC. The detailed course information and registration can be accessed through the website once the date is finalized (by entering the "Internal Combustion Engines" category). Other related courses can also be found in the above website.

    The presentation materials of the workshop are available for the ERC authorized users. All the ERC graduate students and research staff are encouraged to study the materials to enhance their modeling background. Enter here to access the files.