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Zero Dimensional Modeling


A general zero-dimensional model for calculating the residual gas fraction in reciprocating internal combustion engines has been formulated [1] . The model accounts for both the trapped gas in the cylinder at top dead center and the back-flow of exhaust gas into the cylinder during the valve overlap period. The model constants have been determined using available in-cylinder hydrocarbon measurements at different values of intake pressures, engine speeds and valve overlap timings. The predictions from the present zero-dimensional model have been shown to agree well with predictions from three-dimensional simulations in which the flow fields in the cylinder, intake and exhaust ports are calculated. The present model is useful for determining the initial conditions for multi-dimensional combustion simulations.

[1] P.K. Senecal, J. Xin and R.D. Reitz "Predictions of Residual Gas Fraction in IC Engines", SAE Paper 962052.

Note that this is a free software and the ERC does not provide any support.

System Requirements

ZeroD (Zero-Dimension Model) works with the following systems:

Silicon Graphics (SGI) workstation with IRIX 5.x or later.
IBM compatible PC running MS-DOS, Windows3.x, Windows95, NT or XP.


To run ZeroD, you need an input file. Example input file is included in the following ZeroD. The output file is straight forward and its name is Output or Output.txt for PC.

How to get the ZeroD

For Collaboration Purpose: (This is free, choose the file based on your platform)

ZeroD.tar for SGI workstation

ZeroD.zip for PC

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