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Modeling Projects

From Students*, Researchers, and Professors

* Current students and recent graduates

Diagnostics and Controls (Improved Tools, Models)

  • In-cylinder gaseous species , soot, and temperature measurements.
  • Validated combustion and engine system computer models.

Toward improved computational simulation with KIVA-4
Dr. Won-Geun Lee

System-Level Modeling of an HCCI Engine (PDF)
Sriram Sridharan, Chris Rutland

Validation of Advanced Combustion and Spray Models in Multiple Injection Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines (PDF)
Ben Cantrell, Rolf Reitz ,Chris Rutland

Fuel Injection and Sprays (Fuels and Sprays)

  • High resolution spray analysis to validate fuel spray models.
  • Fuel spray models.

Mechanism Reduction Techniques Applied to Oxygenated Fuel Surrogates (PDF)
Jessica Brakora, Rolf Reitz

Modeling the Influence of Molecular Interactions on the Vaporization of Multi-Component Fuel Sprays (PDF)
Qi Jiao, Rolf Reitz

Numerical Simulation of Diesel Spray Using Eulerian-Lagrangian Spray and Atomization Modeling (PDF)
Yue Wang, Rolf Reitz

A Vaporization Model for Realistic Multi-Component Fuels
Shiyou Yang, Youngchul Ra

Multi-component fuel chemistry model
Youngchul Ra, Rolf Reitz

Combustion Optimization and Emissions

  • Studies of air-fuel distributions, mixing and in-homogeneities, effects of spray targeting on pistons, wall impingement, heat transfer, combustion efficiency and exhaust emissions.
  • Studies of intake valve actuation for combustion phasing, variable spray geometries for fuel and air mixing and spray fumigation.
  • Characterization and techniques for achieving homogeneous charge compression ignition for reduced emissions.
  • Transient control strategies for variable engine speed/loads and different combustion regimes.

Application of a Semi-Detailed Soot Modeling Approach for Low Temperature Diesel Combustion (PDF)
Gokul Vishwanathan, Rolf Reitz

Modeling and Experiments of Fuel Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition (RCCI)Combustion (PDF)
Sage Kokjohn, Rolf Reitz

Computational Optimization of a Heavy-Duty Compression Ignition Engine Fueled with Conventional Gasoline (PDF)
Adam B. Dempsey, Rolf Reitz

Exhaust Aftertreatment

  • Mechanisms of pollutant formation and destruction and extension of combustion limits for application of aftertreatment systems.
  • Characteristics of soot emissions and the regeneration of diesel particulate filters.

Study the DPF Active Regeneration Using Integrated System-level Model (PDF)
Jian Gong, Chris Rutland

Development and validation of wall flow type SCR model for 2-way DPF/SCR (PDF)
Soo-Youl Park, Chris Rutland

Turbulence and Charge Preparation

  • Mechanisms of charge formation and mixing destruction during the intake and combustion processes.
  • Characteristics of engine combustion common across different engine sizes.

Investigation of advanced diesel combustion using Large Eddy Simulation (PDF)
Siddhartha Banerjee, Chris Rutland

New wall model for Large Eddy Simulation (PDF)
Chalearmpol Pelngsaard, Chris Rutland

LES Modeling of Scalar Dissipation Rate in Internal Combustion Engines (PDF)
Yuxin Zhang, Chris Rutland

Model Parameter Sensitivity of Mixing and UHC/CO Emissions in a PPCI Low-Load Optical Diesel Engine
Jeffrey Sauter Chris Rutland

Turbulence Modeling and Its Application in Internal Combustion Engine (PDF)
Baolin Wang, Rolf Reitz