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ERC Faculty Named ASME Fellows

Professors Rutland and Reitz were both named to Fellow grade of the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME).

Below are the citations:

Christopher J. Rutland

Dr. Christopher J. Rutland is internationally recognized for his technical contributions in understanding and modeling flow and combustion phenomena in internal combustion engines. He has developed advanced LES modeling techniques for turbulence, mixing, combustion, spray, and emission phenomena. By combining analytical methods with validation from basic experiments he has developed simulation models that are fundamental in nature and valuable in the design of engine systems. Automotive R&D laboratories are using these computational methodologies in the development of modern engine systems. Professor Rutland is currently the Director of the Engine Research Center (ERC) at the University of Wisconsin.

Rolf D. Reitz

Professor Reitz has conducted extensive fundamental research on combustion phenomena that has led to significant advances in the design and performance of internal combustion engines. His pioneering efforts on analytical tools supported by experiments have led to computer programs that are now used for advanced engine design by virtually all engine industries world-wide. He has been a leader in characterizing the performance of electronically controlled fuel injection systems, which has enabled major diesel engine manufacturers to incorporate multiple injection systems in engines to help meet emissions standards. He directs the Diesel Emissions Reduction Consortium that aids industry in meeting federal emissions mandates.