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SAE 2012 World Congress

Tuesday April 24th

Time Location Paper Number Paper Title
8:40 AM Room W2-66 2012-01-0140 Validation of the Generalized RNG Turbulence Model and Its Application to Flow in a HSDI Diesel Engine
Bao-Lin Wang, Hunan Univ. & Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison; Michael J. Bergin, Wisconsin Engine Research Consultants; Benjamin R. Petersen, Paul C. Miles, Sandia National Laboratories; Rolf D. Reitz, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Zhiyu Han, Hunan University
11:00 AM Room W2-66 2012-01-0141 On LES Grid Criteria for Spray Induced Turbulence
Siddhartha Banerjee, Christopher Rutland, Univ. of Wisconsin Madison
1:00 PM Room W2-63 2012-01-0376 Effect of E85 on RCCI Performance and Emissions on a Multi-Cylinder Light-Duty Diesel Engine
Scott Curran, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Reed Hanson, University of Wisconsin; Robert Wagner, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
1:20 PM Room W2-63 2012-01-0375 Investigation of Fuel Reactivity Stratification for Controlling PCI Heat-Release Rates Using High-Speed Chemiluminescence Imaging and Fuel Tracer Fluorescence
Sage Kokjohn, Rolf Reitz, Derek Splitter, Univ of Wisconsin; Mark Musculus, Sandia National Laboratories
1:20 PM Room W2-66 2012-01-0134 Comparison of Diesel Combustion CFD Models and Evaluation of the Effects of Model Constants
Hu Wang, Tianjin Univ; Rolf D. Reitz, Univ of Wisconsin; Mingfa Yao, Tianjin Univ
1:40 PM Room W2-63 2012-01-0380 Piston Bowl Optimization for RCCI Combustion in a Light-Duty Multi-Cylinder Engine
Reed Hanson, Scott Curran, Robert Wagner, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Sage Kokjohn, Derek Splitter, Rolf Reitz, University of Wisconsin - Madison
2:00 PM Room W2-63 2012-01-0383 Effect of Compression Ratio and Piston Geometry on RCCI Load Limits and Efficiency
Derek Splitter, Martin Wissink, Sage Kokjohn, Rolf Reitz, Univ of Wisconsin
2:20 PM Room W2-63 2012-01-0379 Heavy-Duty RCCI Operation Using Natural Gas and Diesel
Derek E. Nieman, Adam B. Dempsey, Rolf D. Reitz, University of Wisconsin-Madison
2:20 PM Room W2-66 2012-01-0143 Comparison of Quantitative In-Cylinder Equivalence Ratio Measurements with CFD Predictions for a Light Duty Low Temperature Combustion Diesel Engine
Adam B. Dempsey, Bao-Lin Wang, Rolf D. Reitz, Univ. of Wisconsin; Benjamin Petersen, Dipankar Sahoo, Paul C. Miles, Sandia National Laboratories

Wednesday April 25th

Time Location Paper Number Paper Title
8:00 AM Room W2-68 2012-01-0691 An Optical Investigation of Fuel Composition Effects in a Reactivity Controlled HSDI Engine
Matthew Blessinger, Joshua Stein, Jaal Ghandhi, Univ. of Wisconsin Madison
10:20 AM Room W2-64 2012-01-1131 Gasoline DICI Engine Operation in the LTC Regime Using Triple- Pulse Injection
Youngchul Ra, Paul Loeper, Michael Andrie, Roger Krieger, David Foster, Rolf Reitz, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Russ Durrett, General Motors Company
10:40 AM Room W2-68 2012-01-0693 Numerical Investigation of High Powered Diesel Mode Transition Using Large Eddy Simulations
Siddhartha Banerjee, Christopher Rutland, Univ. of Wisconsin Madison
11:20 AM Room W2-64 2012-01-1110 Light-Duty Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition Combustion Using a Cetane Improver
John Kaddatz, Michael Andrie, Rolf Reitz, Sage Kokjohn, University of Wisconsin Madison

Thursday April 26th

Time Location Paper Number Paper Title
8:40 AM Room O2-43 2012-01-1208 Estimation of Surface Heat Flux in IC Engines Using Temperature Measurements: Processing Code Effects
Terry Hendricks, Jaal Ghandhi, University of Wisconsin - Madison
10:00 AM Room W2-61 2012-01-1067 Analysis of Deviations from Steady State Performance During Transient Operation of a Light Duty Diesel Engine
William Glewen, David Heuwetter, David Foster, Michael Andrie, Roger Krieger, University of Wisconsin
11:20 AM Room W2-70 2012-01-1336 Numerical Optimization of a Light-Duty Compression Ignition Engine Fuelled With Low-Octane Gasoline
Bishwadipa Das Adhikary; Youngchul Ra, Rolf Reitz, Univ of Wisconsin; Stephen Ciatti, Argonne National Laboratory