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2009 Symposium

Reducing Fuel Consumption: Solutions and Prospects

June 10-11, 2009, Madison, WI

(Selected presentations are available through the title links below)

Wednesday June 10

Introductory Comments | Agenda

Welcoming Address
Roxann L. Engelstad, Mechanical Engineering Chair, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Session I - Engine System Optimization, chaired by Professor Jaal Ghandhi

Keynote Address: Carbon Constrained and Energy Driven: Transportation's Transitions to Achieve 2050 Goals
David Haugen, Dir Adv Technology Div, EPA

Making the Most of Our Energy Carriers
David Foster, Phil and Jean Myers Professor, Engine Research Center, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Hybrid Vehicles - Powertrain Architectures and Controls
Glenn Bower, Sr. Scientist, Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Electric Drives Research at UW-Madison for Future Vehicle Propulsion Systems
Tom Jahns, Professor, Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Alternatives for Improving Heavy Truck Fuel Economy
Tom Reinhart, Program Mgr., Engine Design & Development, Southwest Research Inst

An Otto Rankine Combined Cycle for High Efficiency Distributed Power Generation
David T. Montgomery, Program Mgr., Engine Design & Development, Caterpillar Inc.

Session II - Combustion and Fuels Technologies, chaired by Professor Chris Rutland

Keynote Address: Technology and Policy Choices for Personal Mobility
Syed Shahed, Corporate Fellow Advanced Technology, Honeywell (retired)

Improving Fuel Efficiency with Fuel Reactivity Controlled Combustion
Rolf Reitz, Wisconsin Distinguished Professor Engine Research Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Turbocharged Spark Ignited Direct Injection – A Fuel Economy Solution for the US
Paul Whitaker, Chief Technologist - Gasoline Engines, AVL North America Inc.

Progress towards understanding combustion inefficiencies: in-cylinder measurements of CO and UHC
Paul Miles, Principal Member, Technical Staff, Sandia National Labs

Improvement of HCCI Engine Performance by Fuel Composition
Gen Shibata, Chief Engineer of Fuel Production R&D Group, Nippon Oil Corporation

Future Powertrain Technology Solutions
Paul Najt, SI Engine Systems Group Manager, GM Research and Development

Thursday June 11

Session III - Industry Challenges, chaired by Associate Professor Scott Sanders

Keynote Address: High Efficiency IC Engines – The Road Ahead
John Pinson, Vice President, Ricardo NA

Clean Diesel - Real Life Fuel Economy and Environmental Performance
Alexander Freitag, Mgr Engine Lab and Emissions - Diesel Systems, Robert Bosch

Engine Technologies for Improved Fuel Economy
Eric W. Curtis, Technical Leader Advanced Powertrain Research, Ford Motor Co.

Diesel Engine Fuel Economy Challenges and Opportunities
Ning Lei, Director- Advance Combustion, Navistar Inc.

Hybrid Solutions for Medium Duty Commercial Vehicles
Hélène L. Cornils, Hybrid Business Development / Engineering Program Manager, Eaton Corporation