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Theme: “Engine Fuel Efficiency and Advanced Combustion”

June 5th and 6th, 2013

1800 Engineering Hall Building,

1415 Engineering Drive, Madison WI 53706

Program Agenda

Zip file of presentations

First Day Morning Program (June 5th):

7:30 AM                Continental Breakfast 

Open Registration

8:15 AM                Welcoming Address - ERC Overview information

– Dr. Ian M. Robertson (Oral only), Dean of Engineering, University of Wisconsin – Madison

8:30 AM                Session I - ENGINE COMBUSTION

             – Session Chair – Professor Jaal B. Ghandhi

Keynote "Don't Forget the Combustion Engine" (45 min)

– Dr. Robert W. Carling, Director, Transportation Energy Center,
                                                       Sandia National Laboratory

"Roadmap to Energy Conversion Efficiency at Cummins" (30 min)

– Dr. Wayne A. Eckerle, VP Corporate Research & Technology Integration &
                                       CTC Site Leader, Cummins Inc.

"The Pathway to Tomorrow's Internal Combustion Engine: GM's Perspective"

              – Michael O. Harpster, Director Propulsion Systems Research Laboratory,
                                              General Motors Global Research and Development (30 min)

10:15 AM             Refreshment Break (30 minutes)

Session Chair – Associate Professor Scott T. Sanders

"Reducing GHGs in Transportation: On the Road to Less Carbon" (30 min)

– Dr. Matthew J. Brusstar, Deputy Director, Testing and Adv Technology Div,
                                            U.S.  EPA, National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Lab

"Research and Development of Ford Advanced Combustion Technologies"

Dr. J. James Yi, Technical Leader & Manager, Combustion System Research
                             and Development, Ford Motor Company
(30 min)

“Improving the Efficiency & Performance of Reciprocating Engines for  
 Distributed Power"
(30 min)

Dr. Andreas Lippert, Engineering Program Manager, GE Power & Water

12:15 PM              Lunch (60 minutes)

– Atrium of Engineering Centers Building

First Day Afternoon Program (June 5th):


Session Chair – Professor Chris J. Rutland

Keynote   "Using LES and System Simulation to Address Non-cyclic Engine
(45 min)

Dr. C. Angelberger,  IFPEN Expert on Engine Combustion Modeling, IFP
                                       Energies nouvelles

"Model-Based Engine Algorithm Development for Control and Virtual Sensing"         

Assoc Professor Gregory M. Shaver, Mech Eng Purdue University (30 min)

"Advantages and Challenges of Lean Combustion in Automotive IC Engines"

 –Dr. Russell P. Durrett, Staff Researcher, GM Global R&D (30 min)

3:00 PM                Refreshment Break (30 minutes)

             – Session Chair – Assistant Professor Mario F. Trujillo

                                "Realizing the Natural Gas Opportunity: Key Markets & Technical Challenges"

Dr. Scott Fiveland, GAS NTI Manager, GAS Technology,
                                                Caterpillar Inc. (30 min presented by David Montgomery)

"The Outlook on Transport Fuels and Gasoline Compression Ignition (GCI)
(30 min)   

 – Dr. Gautam Kalghatgi, Senior Science Consultant, Saudi Aramco

"Advanced Combustion and Systems Engineering for High Efficiency Engines"

             Dr. David L. Boggs, Chief Engineer, Engine Prod Group, Ricardo (30 min)   

"Partially Premixed Combustion, PPC – Why all Diesel Engines Should be Run
  on Gasoline"
(30 min)   

Professor Bengt Johansson, Div. Combustion Engines /Dept. Energy
                                                Sciences, Lund University, Sweden

6:00 PM                Evening - Symposium Social/Dinner Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

               – 330 North Orchard St., Next to UW- Madison, sponsored by ACS

Second Day Morning Program (June 6th):

8:00 AM                Continental Breakfast 

8:30 AM                Session III – LOW TEMPERATURE EMISSIONS CONTROL &

            – Session Chair Assistant Professor David A. Rothamer

Keynote "The SULEV Future Awaits" (45 min)

Dr. Joseph E. Kubsh, Executive Director, Manufacturers of Emission Controls
                                Association (MECA)

"Low Temperature Aftertreatment for Advanced Combustion Technologies -  
  Opportunities and Challenges"
(30 min)

– Dr. Kushal Narayanaswamy, Senior Researcher - GM Global R&D

"Modeling Emissions Controls for RCCI Engines" (30 min)

Dr. Stuart Daw, UT-Battelle Corporate Fellow,
                             Oak Ridge National Laboratory

10:15 AM             Refreshment Break (30 minutes)

            – Session Chair – Professor Emeritus David E.  Foster

"High Efficiency SCR for New Technology Diesel Engines"e; (30 min)

Dr. Z. Gerald Liu, Executive Scientist / Director - Research & Development,
                                Cummins Emission Solutions

"Fuel and Combustion Strategy Impacts on Soot Nanostructure and Reactivity"(30 min)

–Professor Andre Boehman, Mech Engineering, University of Michigan

"Characteristics of Particulates from Gasoline Combustion Strategies" (30 min)

– Asst. Professor David A Rothamer, Engine Research Center, University of


12:15 PM              DISCUSSION – Concluding Remarks

– Professor Rolf Reitz, Director Engine Research Center,
University of Wisconsin - Madison

12:30 PM              Box Lunch

1:30 PM                LAB TOURS – Engine Research Center

– Session Chair Michael J. Andrie, Direct-injection Engine Research Consortium,

                             Program Manager, University of Wisconsin - Madison