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Every two years the ERC organizes and hosts a symposium that focuses on special topics that are current and relevant to people involved in the transportation and combustion fields. Presentations are given by a range of experts providing perspectives on technical, strategic planning, policy and regulatory issues. The meetings have traditionally been well attended with 100-150 people from engine, automotive, truck, and energy companies.

Previous symposiums hosted by the ERC are listed below. Links for the more recent meetings will take you to the relevant agenda with additional links for available presentations.

2019 Technologies to meet Ultra-Low NOx Standards

2017 Impact of Future Regulations on Engine Technology

2015 2025 Engine Emissions and Fuel Economy

2013 Engine Fuel Efficiency and Advanced Combustion

2011 Future Engines and Their Fuels

2009 Reducing Fuel Consumption: Solutions and Prospects

2007 Fuels for Future Internal Combustion Engines

2005 Low Emission Combustion Technologies for Future IC Engines

2003 Developing the Virtual Engine – Current Capabilities and Future Directions

2001 Exhaust Aftertreatment technologies

1999 The Next Fifty Years of Engine Research