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Theses in Engine Research at the University of Wisconsin

Full text of select ERC theses (Minds @ UW)

For the history buffs, the following is a chronological listing of all of the theses completed in engine research at the University of Wisconsin, from the very beginning.









































































Maniotes, John, "Ideal And Non-Ideal Theoretical Equilibrium Calculations For Mixtures Of Methane Air And Ethylene-Air At High Pressures," PhD

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Firey, Joseph C. "A Study Of The Effect Of Fuel Properties Upon Diesel Engine Combustion," MS

The failure to realize a more widespread application of the diesel engine is the result of the manner of fuel combustion in the diesel engine. As long as engine rotative spreads do not become high (1000 to 2000 RPN) the combustion is fairly satisfactory. However, at higher engine speeds a greater velocity of fuel injection is required and the time lag between injection and ignition becomes a greater percent of the engine cycle. These two conditions lead to a rapid initial combustion in the engine cylinder producing engine vibration, rough running and objectionable noise.

To obtain the high power output per unit of weight required for transportation service of all types of necessitates engine operation at high rotative speeds. The slow speed type of diesel engine is entirely satisfactory for stationary and marine power but is unsuitable for automotive, railroad or aircraft propulsion.

Thus all of the major difficulties encountered in the use of high speed diesel engines are a direct result of the manner of combustion of the fuel in the engine cylinder. Correction of these difficulties could be most intelligently accomplished if information were available as to the combustion process and how it is affected by the operating variables.

In an effort to obtain some information concerning the combustion process, diesel engine experimental work has been in progress for several years at the University of Wisconsin. This thesis concerns itself with the experimental work carried out during the school year 1940-1941 and the conclusion available from the data accumulated up to the present time. This thesis includes some analysis of engine test data which was obtained previously at the University of Wisconsin and elsewhere. In each case due acknowledgement has been made.

© 1941, Engine Research Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Uyehara, Otto A., "Diesel Engine Combustion Studies Effect Of Operating Conditions," PhD

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Hurn, Richard W., "Rate Of Pressure Rise During Combustion Of Diesel Fuels," MS

Isely, Francis D., "Development Of A Gas Test Stand," MS

Myers, Phillip S., "Diesel Combustion," PhD

Schweitzer, T.J., "Electro-Optical Instrumentation For CFR Diesel Test Engine," MS

Towle, George B., "Influence Of Fuel Characterization On Diesel Combustion," MS

Wachtl, William W., "Determination Of Blade Temperatures In A Gas Turbine," MS

Young, Warren C., "Temperature Measurement Of Gas Turbine Blades," MS

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Douglas, W.T., "Investigation Of Methods Of Measuring Temperatures Of Turbosupercharger Blades," MS

Holmes, Vet V., "The Design And Arrangement Of Equipment For Studying Steady-FlowCombustion," MS

Lown, Harold, "Instrumentation For Measurement Of Gas Turbine Blade Temperatures," MS

Tang, Yu Sun, "Comparison Of Combustion Characteristics Of Several Diesel Fuels By Rate Of Pressure Change Diagrams," MS

Weidler, Sten-Eric, "Measurement Of Temperatures And Air Flow In A Gas Turbine," MS

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Kamerling, Garrett, "Measurement Of Gas Turbine Blade Temperatures," MS

Chow, Weichien, "The Effect Of Butyl Nitrate On Combustion Characteristics Of Diesel Fuel," MS

El-Wakil, Mohamed, "An Instantaneous And Continuous Sodium Line Reversal Pyrometer,"PhD

Pahnke, Alden J., "Preliminary Investigations In Steady-Flow Combustion," MS

Rhodes, Keith H., "The Development Of An Instrument For Instantaneous Fluid-Velocity Measurement," MS

Tiedemann, James, "Smoke Measurement Problems," MS

Traeder, Howard F., "High Speed Engine Indicators," MS

Ye, Yong Chen, "Design Of A Constant-Volume Bomb For Studying Combustion," MS

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Fleming, James D., "The Development Of An IHP Indicator," PhD

Kliebhan, Frank D., "An Analysis Of Power Pulsations Between Engine-Driven Synchronous Generators Connected To A Common Bus Bar," MS

Schmidt, Thomas R., "Instantaneous And Continuous Heat Flow Measurement In Internal Combustion Engines," MS

Thomas, John H., "Preliminary Combustion Studies Of An Open Chamber Diesel," MS

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Pahnke, Alden J., "The Effect Of The Heat Of Vaporization Of The Fuel On Combustion In TheSteady-Flow Process," PhD

Priem, Richard J., "The Design And Construction Of Apparatus To Obtain Instantaneous Fuel-Injection Rates In A Compression-Ignition Engine," MS

Wantland, John L., "Studies Of An Instantaneous Fluid-Velocity Meter," MS

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Chow, Weichen, "The Effect Of Selected Ignition Accelerators On Diesel Combustion Temperatures," PhD

Holmes, Vet V., "Investigations In Steady-Flow Combustion Processes," PhD

Millar, Gordon H., "Flame Temperature Measurements As An Aid To Internal Combustion Engine Analysis," PhD

Wu, Philip C.-K., "Unsteady Phenomena In Steady-Flow Combustion," MS

Chen, Simon K. "The Application of Absorption Spectra for Compression Temperature Measurements, " PhD

Beck, Niels J., "Temperature Measurements From Absorption Spectra," PhD

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Auble, Carmon M., "Investigation Of Organ-Pipe Type Oscillations In A Steady Flow Combustor," MS

Chang, Bansun, "Combustion Of Diesel Fuels In A Constant-Volume Bomb," PhD

Freudman, Ernest, "Octane Number And Engine Preflame Temperatures And Pressures," MS

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Aarnes, Magne N., "Physical And Chemical Delay Of Pure Hydrocarbon Auto-Igniting In ACombustion Bomb," MS

Brikowski, Harold Joseph, "A Preliminary Experimental Investigation Of Unsteady State Vaporization In Droplets," MS

Collins, Robert N., "A Pressure Study Of The Injection Cooling Effect In A Diesel Engine," MS

Liska, Donald J., "Continuation Of The Development Of An Instantaneous Infrared Temperature-Measuring Technique," MS

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Hanson, Robert W., "Preliminary Results Of Measuring Instantaneous Fuel-Injection Rate In A1-71 GM Diesel Engine," MS

Priem, Richard J., "Vaporization Of Fuel Drops Including The Heating-Up Period," PhD

Trayser, David A., "Radiation Measurements With Lead Sulphide Cell Using Spark-Ignited Engine," MS

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Dries, William C., "Measuring Metal Temperatures By The Two ColorTechnique," MS

Kaddou, Abdul-Fattah, "Improved Iodine Pyrometer For End-Gas Temperature Measurement,"MS

Pless, Loren G., "The Effect Of Selected Operating Variables On Instantaneous Combustion Chamber Surface Temperature," MS

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Borman, Gary L., "An Experimental And Theoretical Study Of The Vaporization Of FuelDroplets," MS

Ghandhi, B.K., "Evaluation Of Light-Absorption Pyrometer For Non-Luminous EngineGases," PhD

Harloff, Robert E., "The Effects Of The Pressure-Transmitting Line Of The Measurement Of A Pulsating Pressure Using A Manometer," MS

Reynolds, Jr., Elbert Brunner, "The Influence Of Method Of Junction Formation And Heat Treatment On The Electromotive Force Produced By A Thermocouple," PhD

Yu,Tat Ching, "Pre-Inflammation Studies In An Operating Diesel Engine Using The Hot-MotoredTechnique"

Tirunarayanan, M.A., "Studies On High Pressure Air Injectors," MS

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Elser, Karl, "The Instantaneous Investigations Of Heat Transfer," PhD

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Bennethum, James E., "Heat Transfer And Combustion-Chamber Deposits In A Spark IgnitionEngine," PhD

Burrows, Marshall, "A Fast Infrared Pyrometer For Engine CompressionTemperatures," PhD

Norgren, William, "Deposit Effects On Combustion Chamber Surface Temperatures In A Two-Cycle Engine," MS

Overbye, Vern D., "Instrumentation And Analysis For Instantaneous Heat Transfer In Internal Combustion Engines," MS

Weiss, Melvin P., "Combustion Chamber Deposit Study Using Pure Fuel Mixtures," MS

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Andresen, Hermann, "Abnormal Combustion Effects In A Two-Cycle Engine," MS

Chiang, Chao-Wang, "Physical And Chemical Ignition Delays For Different Fuels In An Operating Diesel Engine," PhD

Elpern, David G., "The Disappearance Of 2-Methyl-2-Butene, Para Xylene, Trans-2-Butene,Cis-2-Butene And Toluene In Spark Ignition Engine Exhaust," MS

Falstad, Robert D., "A Piezoelectric Velocity Probe," MS

Huls, Thomas A., "The Effect Of Aluminum-Cast Iron Interface Configurations On Cylinder Liner Temperatures," MS

Johnson, John H., "Measurement Of End-Gas Temperatures Using Primary Reference Fuels,"MS

Murthy And Kayal, "Investigations Of Reactions In A Motored Engine," MS

Mukherjee, Shanti, "End Gas Temperature For Various 85 Octane Fuels," MS

Overbye, Vern D., "Variation Of Instantaneous Wall Temperature, Heat Transfer, And HeatTransfer Coefficients In A Spark-Ignition Engine," PhD

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Tsao, Keh C., "The Effect Of Operating Variables On Compression Temperature In A Compression Ignition Engine," PhD

Mukherjee, Shanti Jiban "End Gas Temperature For Various 85 Octane Fuels" MS

Murthy, B.S. "Dual-Fuel Approach To Compression-Ignition Engine Operation"

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Adadevoh, John K., "Vaporization Of A Fuel Droplet Contacting With A Hot Surface And Under Pressure," MS

Busch, Christopher, "Future Portable Energy Systems," MS

Kramer, Ted J., An Analog Method Of Solving Variable Property Heat Conduction Problems," MS

Lassanske, George, "The Design And Development Of An Electronic Pitot Tube," MS

Markussen, Bjorn, "Analysis Of The Heat Transfer In A Highly Supercharged, Four-Cycle DieselEngine Of 13 1/2" Bore And 16 1/2 Stroke," MS

Peterson, John R., "Design Of A Solar Free Piston Powered Air Lift Irrigation System,"MS

Reichelsdorfer, P., "Development Of An Indicated Horsepower Meter," MS

Scharpf, Otto H., "Thermoelectric Outboard Motor Generator," MS

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Ebersole, George D., "The Radiant And Convective Components Of Diesel Engine Heat Transfer," MS

Gupta, Chandra P., "Effects Of Multiple Introduction Of Fuel In Compression-Ignited Engines," PhD

Shipinski, John H., "A Hot-Motored Technique For Studying Pre-Flame Reactions In Dual-Injection Diesel Engines," MS

Wienke, Helmut J., "A Tungsten Resistance Thermometer For Engine CompressionTemperatures," MS

Stahl, Gary Lee, "Optimization Of Carburetion And Ignition For Farm Tractors," MS

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Borman, Gary Lee, "Mathematical Simulation Of Internal Combustion Engine Processes And Performance Including Comparisons With Experiment," PhD

Johnson, John H., "End-Gas Temperatures, Pressures, And Reaction Rates," PhD

Mariotti, John L, "An Analysis Of Outboard Engine Reed Valves," MS

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Bradish, John P., "Instantaneous Deposit Surface Temperatures And Heat Flow Rates In An Internal Combustion Engine," PhD

Shields, William, "Development Of A Combustion Gas Sampling Valve," MS

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Huls, Thomas A., "Spark Ignition Engine Operation And Design For Minimum ExhaustEmission," PhD

Kapadia, Dinn, "Effect Of Heat Transfer On Flow Through Poppet Valves," MS

McMurray, David C., "Influence Of Impinging Jet Variables Of Local Heat Transfer Coefficients Along A Flat Surface With Uniform Heat Flux," PhD

Ricart-Lowe, Jaime, "Design Of An Apparatus For Studying The Vaporization Of Droplets In The Region Of Their Critical Point," MS

Rice, Edward Jr., "The Effect Of Selected Fluid Parameters On Spatial Drop Size Distribution," PhD

Scharpf, Glen, "Experimental Study Of Heat Transfer From The Valve And Unsteady Flow In A Simulated Engine Intake System," MS

Walker, James W., "Piston Temperature Measurements In A Watercooled Two Stroke Cycle Spark Ignition Engine," MS

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Groeneweg, John F., "The Statistical Description Of A Spray In Terms Of Drop Velocity, Size AndPosition," PhD

Holtermann, T.J., "The Effect Of Ventilation Of A Propeller Vortex," MS

Miller, George E., "Control Of Cylinder Blowdown Pressure Pulses To Improve Two-Stroke Engine Power Output And Specific Fuel Consumption," MS

Shamah, Eliahu, "Unsteady Heat Transfer Simulation For A Diesel Engine," MS

Shipinski, John H., "Relationships Between Rates-Of-Injection And Rates-Of-Heat Release In Diesel Engines," PhD

Tanbakuchi, Reza, "Comparison Of Measured Metal Temperatures During Arc Welding With Temperatures Calculated Using A Finite Heat Source," PhD

Weber, Harold G., "Performance Investigations On A Computer Simulated Four Stroke Diesel Engine," MS

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Alexander, Lee Debruler "The Experimental Performance of An Apparatus Designed to Study the Vaporization of Suspended Droplet in the Vicinity of its Critical Point." MS

Raymond W. Goluba, "The Effect Of Periodic Shock-Fronted Pressure Waves On The InstantaneousHeat Flux At The End-Wall Of A Tube," PhD

Alyea, John Wilson, "The Development And Evaluation Of An Electronic Indicated Horsepower Meter," PhD

Krieger, Roger B., "The Simulation Of A Two Cycle, Crankcase Scavenged, Spark Ignition Engine On A Digital Computer And Comparison Of Results With Experimental Data," PhD

Lefeuvre, Thomas, "Instantaneous Metal Temperatures And Heat Fluxes In A Diesel Engine," PhD

Pavelic, Vjekosalv, "Temperature Histories In A Thin Steel Plate Welded With Tungsten Inert Gas Process," PhD

Wendland, Daniel W., "The Effect Of Periodic Pressure And Temperature Fluctuations On Unsteady Heat Transfer In A Closed System," PhD

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Alexander, Lee D., "The Experimental Performance Of An Apparatus Designed To Study TheVaporization Of A Suspended Droplet In The Vicinity Of Its Critical Point," MS

Dogan, Tahsin, "An Experimental Investigation Of Heat Transfer On A Poppet Valve," MS

Manrique, Jose A., "Theory Of Droplet Vaporization In The Region Of The Thermodynamic Critical Point," PhD

McCullough, Thomas, "Using Rate Equations And Numerical Techniques To Predict Metallurgical Structures Formed During Arc Welding," PhD

Nicholls, J., "Inlet Manifold Water Injection Reduce No Emissions," MS

Peters, Bruce D., "The Determination Of Spark-Ignition Engine Apparent Heat Release Using Experimentally Obtained Pressure-Time Data," MS

Quader, Ather A., "Monochromatic Uv Absorbance Histories Of Unburned Gases In A SparkIgnition Engine," PhD

Sathe, Vijay V., "Parametric Studies Using A Mathematical Model Of A Two-Stroke Cycle SparkIgnition Engine," MS

Savery, Clyde W., "Experimental Studies Of The Vaporization Of Droplets In Heated Air At High Pressures," PhD

Trumpy, David K., "The Preknock Kinetics Of Ethane In A Spark-Ignited Engine," PhD

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Elpern, David G, "The Disappearance Of 2-Methyl-2 Butene, Para Xylene, Trans-2-Btene,Cis-2-Butene And Toluene, Cis-2-Butene And Toluene In Spark Ignition Engine Exhaust," MS

Iyer, Ramalingam, "Investigation Of Dynamic Temperature Response Of PressureTransducers," MS

Juedes, Dennis, "Vaporization Of Carbon Dioxide Droplets At High Pressures," MS

Shahed, S.M., "The Kinetics Of Nitric Oxide Formation In High Pressure Combustion Processes," PhD

Sigworth, Jr., Harrison, "The Disappearance Of Ethylene, Propylene, N-Butane And 1-Butene In Spark-Ignition Engine Exhaust," MS

Sorenson, Spencer, "The Kinetics Of Ethane In The Exhaust Of A Spark Ignition Engine,"PhD

Streit, Ernst, "Mathematical Simulation Of A Large Pulse-Turbocharged Two-Stroke Engine," PhD

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Desai, A.B., "Electrical Analogy To Conduction Heat Transfer," MS

Flynn, Patrick, "An Experimental Determination Of The Instantaneous Potential Radiant HeatTransfer Within An Operating Diesel Engine," PhD

Mizusawa, Masatake, "Relationships Between Cetane Numbers Of Fuel And Radiant Heat Transfer In A Diesel Engine," MS

Williams, G.R., "A Study Of Nonsteady Flow Phenomena In An Automotive Carburetor," MS

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Dao, Kim, "Heat Transfer With Cyclic Pressure Variations (In Piston Engines)," PhD

Dennis, Jack W., "The Adaptation Of An Altitude Pressure Correction Procedure To EngineDesign Variables, Fuels, Engine Speed, And Variable Inlet Temperature," MS

Jessel, Alfred J., "An SI Engine With An In-Cylinder Thermal Reactor," MS

Khan, M.R., "Theoretical Study Of NO Formation In Constant Pressure Combustion Process;Theorectical And Experimental Study Of Influence Of Fuel Composition On NO Formation," MS

Kiekhaefer, F.C., "Design Of A Pulse Charging Exhaust Muffler For A Two-Stroke Engine UsingStatistical And Experimental Techniques," MS

King, William C., "The Effect Of The Scavenging Period Timing And Duration On Two-Stroke Engine Emissions," MS

Leonard, Stephen, "A Computer Model Of NO Formation In Diesel Engines," MS

Peters, Bruce, "Nitric Oxide Reduction By Heat Transfer In A Porous Disk Burner," PhD

Tuteja, Arjun Dev, "The Formation Of Nitric Oxide In Diffusion Flames," PhD

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Abdel-Khalik, S., "An Investigation Of The Diffusion Flame Surrounding A Simulated Liquid FuelDroplet," PhD

El-Messiri, I.A., "The Divided Combustion Chamber Concept And Design For Control Of SI Engine Exhaust Air Pollutant Emissions," PhD

Sowls, Richard E., "An Experimental Study Of Carbon Dioxide Droplets Falling Through InertHigh Pressure High Temperature Environments," PhD

Weber, Harold G., "The Effect Of Impinging Periodic Shock Waves On Heat Transfer To A CooledWall," PhD

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Babu, M.K., "Digital Analysis Of A Spark Ignition Engine," PhD

Goyle, Alok, "Experimental Performance And Emission From An SI Engine Using Rich-Lean Combustion In Successive Cylinders," MS

Olikara, Cherian, "Effect Of Low Temperature Operation On Exhaust Emissions From SI Engines," MS

Samaga, B. Subramanya, "A Study Of Combustion And Expansion Phases Of The SI EngineCycle," PhD

Schneider, Michael, "Accomodation Of Gas Sampling Mechanisms In An Engine Head (Operation OfA Four-Valve Head On Two Valves)," MS

Steinhardt, Michael, "Measuring And Computing Wankel Rotor Temperature"

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Besorak, Yavuz, "A Study Of The Dynamic Instabilities Of The Apex Seal And The ChatterPhenomena In Wankel Rotary Engines," PhD

Chen, Lee L., "Air Velocity Measurements In Engines By Vortex Shedding," PhD

Foster, David E., "Fuel Spray Modeling Through Single Droplet And Continuum Considerations," MS

Kosholleck, Joseph, "A Study Of Nitric Oxide Emissions From Monosized Fuel MistCombustion," MS

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Evers, Lawrence W., "Nitrogen Oxide Control With The Delayed Mixing Stratified Charge Engine Concept," PhD

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Abata, Duane L., "Spectroscopic Investigation Of Hydroxyl Radical Formation In The End Gases Of A Spark Ignited Engine Utilizing A Dye Laser," PhD

Rhee, Kyung Tai, "Time- And Space-Resolved Species Determination In Diesel Combustion Using Continuous Flow Sampling," PhD

Thien, Doan D., "A Further Study Of The Dumping Technique As Applied To A Single CylinderDiesel Engine," MS

Voiculescu, Ion A., "An Experimental Determination Of The History Of Formation Of The Cylinder Averaged Oxides Of Nitrogen In Diesel Combustion," PhD

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Caroon, Tom, "An Optical Technique For Drop Size Measurement In Sprays," MS

Jaasma, Dennis R., "Measured Effects Of Boundary Conditions On Oxides Of Nitrogen Produced By Liquid Fuel Diffusion Flames," PhD

Johnson, Patrick J., "In-Cylinder Species Concentration Measurements With The University Of Wisconsin Continuous Flow Sampling Valve And The General Motors Research Laboratories Sampling Valve," MS

Murphy, Michael J., "Oxides Of Nitrogen Emissions From A Steady-State Flame Propagating In A Monosized Fuel Mist," PhD

Procknow, David W., "Calculation And Measurement Of Piston Temperatures In A Water-Cooled Two-Stroke-Cycle Gasoline Engine," MS

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Engman, Thomas J., "Effects Of Cracked-Distillate Fuel Mixtures On Diesel Engine Performance," MS

Turns, Stephen R., "Internal Combustion Engine Sampling Probes - A Study Of Sample-GasOrigins, Flow Disturbances And Quench-Layer Bias," PhD

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Anderson, Carl L., "An In-Situ Technique For Determining The Thermal Properties Of CombustionChamber Deposits," PhD

Gudgeon, Joseph A., "Estimating Equivalence Ratios, Carbon, And Unburned Fuel Using SpeciesMeasurements Of Gases Sampled From A Diesel Combustion Chamber," MS

Jessel, Alfred J., "Measurement Of Fluid Motion In A Diesel Engine Cylinder By Use Of ATractor Gas Technique," PhD

Lin, Chieh-Shen, "A Study Of The Fuel Nitrogen Conversion And Some Performance And Emission Characteristics Of Blended SRC-II In A High Speed Diesel Engine," MS

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Chan, Tung Tat, "The Effect Of Swirl And Exhaust Gas Recirculation On Cylinder Averaged OxidesOf Nitrogen Histories In A Diesel Engine," MS

DeYoung, Richard, "Fuel Composition And Vaporization Effects On Combustion Chamber Deposits," MS

Khajuria, Prithvi Raj, "Hydrogen-Fueled Spark Ignition Engine - Its Performance And ExhaustEmission Characteristics," PhD

Logan, Mark R., "Local Fuel H/C Ratio And Carbon Remainder In Diesel Combustion," MS

Najt, Paul M., "Compression-Ignited Homogeneous Charge Combustion," MS

Sharma, Jagdish, "Some Analytical Investigations On A Four Stroke Diesel Engine ForAchieving High Specific Output," PhD

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Ingham, Mike, "In-Cylinder Sampling Of Hydrocarbons In The Texaco L-141 Tcp Stratified Charge Engine," PhD

Hoag, Kevin, "A Preliminary Analysis Of The Effects Of Mixing On Soot Formation," MS

Hall, Matthew J., "An Experimental And Modeling Study Of Homogeneous Engine Combustion At Near Knocking Conditions," MS

Iwamoto, Ross, "Combustion Of Solutions And Emulsions Of Ethanol And Diesel Fuel In A Direct Injection Diesel Engine," MS

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Pundir, Budh Prakash, "Studies On The Influence Of Charge Non-Homogeneity On Cycle-By-CycleVariations In Combustion And Nitrogen Oxides Emissions In SI Engines," PhD

Tobis, Bruce, "The Effect Of Pressure And Fuel Structure On The Soot Yield Of A Turbulent Diffusion Flame In A Crossflow," MS

Sangeorzan, Brian, "Time-Resolved Measurements Of Drop Size Distribution In A Transient Fuel Spray," PhD

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Edo, Teruo, "A Computer Simulation Of A Dissociated Methanol Engine," MS

Klimstra, Jacob, On Line Inspection And Tuning Of Spark Ignition Gas Engine-CompressorCombinations," PhD

McDonald, John, "Construction And Testing Of A Facility For Diesel Engines, Heat Transfer And Particulate Research," MS

Myers, Mark, "A Study Of Reed Valves," MS

Van Gerpen, Jon, "The Effects Of Air Swirl And Fuel Injection System Parameters On Diesel Combustion," PhD

Zimmer, Mike, "A Fuel Sensitivity Study Of High Speed Knock In A Two-Stroke OutboardMotor," MS

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Cramer, John Mark, "Combustion Characteristics Of A Two-Stroke, Spark-Assisted Diesel Engine Using Alternative Fuels," MS

Dimpelfeld, Philip M., "A Study Of Autoignition In A Premixed Charge, Internal CombustionEngine Using Comprehensive Chemical Kinetics: Experiments & Predictions," PhD

Gupta, A.K., "Soot Modeling For Direct Injection Diesel Engine," PhD

Hofeldt, David L., "Some Preliminary Results From Heat Transfer And Velocity Measurements Near An Insulated Cylinder Head In A Spark Ignition Engine," MS

Kim, Changho, Time-Resolved Exhaust Port Measurements Of Unburned Fuel And Aldehyde Emissions From A Methanol-Fueled Texaco L-163s Tccs Engine," PhD

Ng, Henry K.K., "In-Cylinder Flame Temperature Radiance And Pressure Measurements Of Diesel Combustion To Study The Fuel Molecular Structure Effects On Particulates," PhD

Thomas, Vincent David, "Cycle-To-Cycle Variations In Air Fuel Ratio During Cold Starting OfA Pull-Start Engine," MS

Wang, Han-Ying, "Starting Characteristics Of A Two-Stroke Spark-Assisted Diesel Engine Using Alternative Fuels," MS

Wu, Yuh-Yih, "Combustion Of Low Cetane Fuels In A Spark Assisted Open Chamber Four Stroke Diesel Engine," MS

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Adams, Jack Watson, "Air Circulation In A Toroidal Combustion Chamber Caused By Fuel Momentum And Combustion Energy," MS

Cook, Donald E., "Transient Cycle Simulation Program Of AResearch Diesel Engine," MS

Huang, Cheng-Weng, (Jeff), "Diesel Engine Cylinder Gas-Side Heat Transfer To A CeramicSurface," PhD

Stevenson, David, "Use Of Spark Ignition Of A Central FuelCloud To Allow Diesel Operation With Low Cetane Fuels," MS

Verhoeven, Dean, "Application Of Laser Speckle Method To Temperature Measurements InEngines," MS

Winquist, Su, "A Simple Model For Jet Breakup," MS

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Miller, Daniel N., "A Study Of Reed Valve Performance On An Engine Simulator Using Dimensional Analysis," MS

Patrie, Bryan James, "Computer Imaging Of Rotating Flows," MS

Soens, David Richard, "Dynamic Pressure Waveform Alterations In A Set Of Model Exhaust Manifolds," MS

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Berbee, James G., "Aspect Ratio And Reynolds Number Effects OnThe Flow Behind A Rearward-Facing Step," MS

Enright, Bern, "Low Cetane Fuel Performance In A Direct Injection Spark AssistedEngine," MS

Ghandhi, Jaal B., "Swirl Center Precession In Spinning Down Flows," MS

Leschiutta, Maurizio, "Piston-Position Measurements In An IC-Engine Using A Laser Range-Finding Technique," MS

Lin, Chieh-Shen, (Jason), "Experimental Study Of Combustion And Heat Transfer Of A Diesel Engine Under Dynamic Operating Conditions," PhD

Neely, Michael J., "A Numerical Model Of A Turbulent Jet In A Crossflow," MS

Ning, Yan, "A Cycle Simulation Program For The Dynamic Operation Of A Single Cylinder Direct Injection Diesel," MS

Tay, Zhu-Fei., "The Study Of Soot Production In A CrossFlow," MS

Yan, Jingde, (Jim), "Analysis And In-Cylinder Measurements Of Local And HemishericalParticulate Radiant Emissions And Temperatures In A Direct Injection Diesel," PhD

Yang, Jialin, "Convective Heat Transfer Predictions And Experiments In An IC Engine,"PhD

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Bair, Robert E., "Ignition Quality And Composition Of Fuel Volatile Fraction: Effects On Diesel Combustion," PhD

Feiereisen, John M., "Design, Construction And Testing Of An Engine-Fed Spray Chamber WithOptical Access," MS

Hodges, Joseph, "Soot Formation In A Jet Stirred Combustor," PhD

Myers, John E., "Factors Affecting The Top Ring Oil Film Thickness At Top Center," PhD

Quiros, Edwin N., "Control Of Fresh Fuel-Fresh Air Mixing In A Toroidal Engine Combustion Chamber," PhD

Sato, Hiroki, "Effect Of Temperature On Soot Formation In A Jet Stirred Combustor," MS

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Boggs, David Lee, "Spatially-Resolved Measurements Of Instantaneous Engine Heat Flux," PhD

Eng, James, "Measurement Of Dynanmic Piston-Position And Effects On Closed-Cycle Thermodynamic Engine Analysis," MS

Epstein, Peter, "A Computer Simulation Of The Scavenging Flow In A Two-Stroke Engine,"MS

Gonzalez D., Manuel A., "A Computational Study Of In-Cylinder Cold Starting Processes In A Diesel Engine," MS

Malone, Ron, "Air Side Heat Transfer Enhancement For An Engine Cooling System," MS

Mohammad, I. Samy, "Simultaneous Pyrometer Measurements AlongThree Path Directions In An Open Chamber Diesel," PhD

Moore, Wayne, "Temperature Measurement Technique ForEvaluation Of Material Specimens In An Engine Cylinder," MS

Mueller, Eric, "The Effects Of Fuel Sulfur Volatility Range And Inlet Air O2 Enrichment OnParticulate Emissions In A Diesel Engine," MS

Mueller, Mark, "In-Cylinder Flame Temperature, Soot Concentration And Heat TransferMeasurements In A Low-Heat-Rejection Diesel Engine," MS

Richardson, Dana, "The Development And Implementation Of Theoretical And ExperimentalMethods For Studying Oil Films In Engine Cylinders," PhD

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Chang, I-Ping, "The Effects Of Pressure Gradients On Convective Heat Flux Predictions In Engine Environments," PhD

Chang, Sang-Ku, "Hydrodynamics Of Liquid Jet Sprays -Physiochemical Analysis And Computer Simulation," PhD

Fieschko, Craig, "A Method For Predicting The 100 C And 40 C Kinematic Viscosities And Cold Crank Viscosities Of Commercial Lubricant Blends," MS

Gebbeken, Bernhard, "Parallelization Of Kiva-II Engine Simulations On The Intel Ipsc/860," PhD

Ghandhi, J.B., "Velocity Field Characteristics Of Motored Two-Stroke Ported Engines,"PhD

Hartfield , Jon Phillip, "Droplet Vaporization In A High Pressure Gas," PhD

Koo, Ja-Ye, "Characteristics Of A Transient Diesel Fuel Spray," PhD

Liu, Alex Baoda, "Mechanisms Of Air-Assisted Liquid Atomization," MS

Pierce, Philip H., "Near Wall Velocity Measurements In A Motored Four-Stroke Engine,"PhD

Reid, Timothy Scott, "Heat Transfer Characteristics Of An Uncooled Silicon Nitride Surface In A Naturally Aspirated D.I. Engine," MS

Turner, David W., "An Investigation Into The Relationship Between The Total Soot Yield, The Flow Properties, And The Structure Of A Propane Diffusion Flame In Cross-Flow," MS

Curtis, Eric Warren, "A Numerical Study Of Spherical Droplet Vaporization In A High PressureEnvironment," PhD

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Albert, Richard A., "Diffraction-Based Particle Sizing In A Two-Phase Fluid Flow," MS

Angelo, Theodore G., "Emissions And Performance Of A Small-Head Engine," MS

Bower, Glenn R., "The Effect Of A Split Injection On Early Combustion In An Engine-Fed Combustion Chamber," PhD

El-Beshbeeshy, M.S., "Image Analysis Of Sprays By Light Extinction Technique," PhD

Giangregorio, Robert P., "Optoacoustic Temperature And Turbulent Diffusivity Measurements In A Diesel Engine," MS

Golding, Lawrence H., "The Effects Of Augmented Mixing On Diesel Combustion," MS

Green, Gerald W., "Vibration Analysis Of Cylinder Liners In The Consideration Of Cavitation," PhD

Knox-Kelecy, Andrea L,. "Turbulent Flow In A Scale Model Of A Diesel Fuel Injector Nozzle Hole," PhD

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