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Working with the ERC

The ERC welcomes and encourages new students, research collaborations and sponsors from national and international public and private organizations.

Today’s ERC, is supported by a rich history of success in engine research, demonstrated through people, publications and technologies and with a vision to pursue the needed engine research.

Our curricula for graduate students continually evolves to provide the most updated technologies coupled to research activities which build competencies for a successful professional career with many of our graduates as examples of excellence in teaching, research, product development, engineering practice and management. Visiting scientist and post-docs are encouraged to come to the ERC, for a continuous flow of ideas and work for engine advancements. Please contact ERC Faculty for further information.

Our research collaborations have grown steadily, research consortia and gifts and contracts collaborations now account more than half of our funding and we expect to consolidate these relations and reach new research partners.

The development of understanding on physical and chemical processes of interest for fuels, engines and aftertreatment systems as well as the solution of industry problems are of our interest. For example, new research on computational fluid dynamics submodels and integrated system models mutually supported by experimental diagnostics and engine experiments is encouraged.

We wish to consolidate and grow in our interactions for modeling activities with organizations and/or research groups and also to consolidate and develop collaborative experimental research developing partnerships for our current laboratories and for developing our two laboratories in the new Mechanical Engineering building, these areas provide opportunity for further engine research.

Interested public and private organizations are encouraged to contact the ERC Director to explore and establish research collaborations.